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Map showing Lewisville, Midway, Menan, Annis, Barlow, Bassett, and Rigby.

The U.S. Geological Survey lists these as "populated places" within Jefferson County

Go to the USGS search page to see any of these places on their maps.

Feature Name Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Annis 434342N 1115607W Rigby
Barlow 434016N 1120044W Lewisville
Bassett 433904N 1120515W Lewisville
Camas 440027N 1121313W Camas
Garfield 433807N 1115747W Rigby
Grant 433827N 1120045W Lewisville
Hamer 435538N 1121219W Hamer
Hawgood 435211N 1120902W Market Lake
Heise 433831N 1114101W Heise
Labelle 434212N 1115136W Ririe
Level (historical) 435345N 1122928W Mud Lake NW
Lewisville 434145N 1120035W Lewisville
Lorenzo 434342N 1115214W Ririe
Menan 434315N 1115921W Rigby
Midway 434225N 1120015W Lewisville
Monteview 435819N 1123208W Monteview
Mud Lake 435029N 1122831W Terreton
Rigby 434021N 1115451W Rigby
Ririe 433755N 1114622W Ririe
Roberts 434313N 1120732W Roberts
Rudy 433924N 1114957W Ririe
Sage Junction 434951N 1121140W Market Lake
Terreton 435030N 1122608W Terreton