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"The reason for this project is to provide assistance for those who are looking for information on their roots and heritages and histories in Jefferson County, Idaho. If you are not able to find what you need now, please be patient, we will continue to add new information on a regular basis. Also, if you have any information that you want to share with others, contact me and we will add your important information."
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Welcome to Jefferson County!

Jefferson County was established 1913. It was named for the third president of the United States. The county was divided from the original Fremont County, which its early history is associated. The first settlers were Mormons who moved into the area and constructed irrigation systems. Roberts, originally known as Market Lake was one of the earliest settlements in northeastern Idaho. The Utah and Northern Railroad was built through which is now Jefferson County in 1879, and Roberts was for years was the county's only railroad station. Earlier, Market Lake had been an important station on the stage and freight route between Salt Lake City and Virginia City, Montana. Other early settlements were Annis, 1878; Menan, 1879; Lewisville, 1880; and Lorenzo, 1889. Agricultural is the major industry of the county. -- Idaho Almanac, 1977 Edition, published by The Executive Office of the Governor, John V. Evans and The Idaho Division of Tourism and Industrial Development, State Capitol Building, Boise, Idaho.

The county seat is Rigby. The television was invented in Rigby by Philo T. Farnsworth.

1919: "I joined the lamb club because on our dry farm - sheep grazing country - there are lots of bum lambs. If someone does not rescue them, they die. I decided to rescue all I could. Papa called me at 4 a.m. to ride 10 or 12 miles to sheep camps. When I got a little lamb, I'd go home and feed it with a spoon until it was strong enough to suck on the bottle. Soon I turned lambs loose on the green pasture. . . .Coyotes are bad early in the morning and late at night. Sometimes I would take the gun and go keep the coyotes away. I raised 25 good lambs." -- Adaline Moses, 4-H, LaBelle, Idaho. "People & Programs" Winter 2012, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho.


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